Is Hypnotherapy for you?

If you have never had hypnotherapy or any form of therapy before it may feel very strange at first sitting down and talking to a complete stranger. This is normal to feel like this. You may even feel nervous or even embarrassed, please don’t worry this is completely fine to feel like this. It is like with anything new we always worry about what might happen. The good news is we will work together to build a trusting relationship so eventually you will feel comfortable and feel that you can trust me to listen and understand without me judging you.

When you hear the word Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis, you are probably thinking what if I start doing something or saying something that I don’t want to? Hypnotherapy is not mind control. You are always in control of your mind at all times. Hypnotherapy is all about talking to the subconscious part of your mind and giving the subconscious the tools to help you to make the improvements that you want to make. The subconscious holds the key to your concerns and how you deal with them. It is all about helping you to go on a journey in your mind to help with your concerns and reframe them in a positive way in order for you to make the progress that you wish. You will be very relaxed, you will feel like you are going on a relaxed adventure, but you remain in control at all times.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool and you can get great results but the key is that you are very open-minded and you are willing and motivated to make that change.

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