Do you want to gain control of your anxiety?

I will help you to pinpoint the cause of your underlying anxiety to enable you to take control of your life.

Get rid of your anxiety

"Hypnotherapy has helped me remain calm, and reach a more positive outlook. Rachel is friendly and warm and puts you at ease and I was over the moon with the end result after my sessions"


I help to empower YOU to make the changes you need to live the life you want to lead...

I also use various techniques to help you understand and ‘normalise’ your anxiety, effectively helping to reduce the fear and the negative feelings and thoughts that are at the route of most anxieties.

Hypnotherapy will help you to feel calm...

Each session with me will help you to feel calm, refreshed and more in control of your own feelings and thoughts.  I target the subconscious mind with positive direct suggestion aimed at changing your thought patterns so that you are living more in ‘the now’ rather than worrying about the future or the past, or worrying about things that may never happen.

How it works

I will assess your symptoms and look at the causes of your anxiety. This will enable me to plan a bespoke therapy plan for you. If you have not had any type of therapy or hypnotherapy before,  I would recommend a course of six sessions to start with. This will enable me to teach you a variety of techniques which will empower you to manage your own anxiety even when you are no longer working with me. I offer either a package of 6 sessions or you can book pay as you go.

6 session package

£450 saving £30

The course of four sessions includes:

One-off session


Ready to get started?

"Personally I found this really effective for anxiety, and it truly helped, with positive outcomes.I would highly recommend x"


"Rachel helped me understand and accept my issue right from the beginning of the sessions, her hypnotic voice and imaginative scenarios really helped me to change my negative thoughts and accept the issue I was dealing with for so many years, I highly recommend Rachel if you are going through rough moments in your life.""

These clients all conquered anxiety, is it your turn next?