About Me

I have seen people struggle on a day to day basis with stress and anxiety.


I want to give you the tools to help you deal with your every day life.

We need the tools to help us enjoy and thrive in our lives.

Life is very stressful at times, there is no escaping that fact. Life brings many ups and downs it can be a complete rollercoaster at times. Knowing how to deal with what life throws at us is a very valuable skill. If you have the right skills and knowledge it can help you to deal with many situations in a very positive and calm way. It can also help you to maintain your mental health.

Learning how to cope, to be able to process your emotions and also really tune into your subconscious mind so it can support you in those stressful situations. It can also support those situations whereby you really want to change a long term habit or get over a fear or phobia, anything is possible. This is what hypnotherapy is all about.

Simply Hypnotherapy in Kent

I am based in Rainham Kent so access to me is very easy just off Junction 4 from the M2. I am in a safe and secure environment, which is quiet, cosy and confidential. As we are going to go on a journey through your mind together, I want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as you can.

Is Hypnotherapy for you?


If you have never had hypnotherapy or any form of therapy before it may feel very strange at first sitting down and talking to a complete stranger. This is normal to feel like this. You may even feel nervous or even embarrassed, please don’t worry this is completely fine to feel like this. It is like with anything new we always worry about what might happen. The good news is we will work together to build a trusting relationship so eventually you will feel comfortable and feel that you can trust me to listen and understand without me judging you.

When you hear the word Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis, you are probably thinking what if I start doing something or saying something that I don’t want to? Hypnotherapy is not mind control. You are always in control of your mind at all times. Hypnotherapy is all about talking to the subconscious part of your mind and giving the subconscious the tools to help you to make the improvements that you want to make. The subconscious holds the key to your concerns and how you deal with them. It is all about helping you to go on a journey in your mind to help with your concerns and reframe them in a positive way in order for you to make the progress that you wish. You will be very relaxed, you will feel like you are going on a relaxed adventure, but you remain in control at all times.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool and you can get great results but the key is that you are very open minded and you are willing and motivated to make that change.


Are you ready to begin your journey?

My promise to you

My journey in Hypnotherapy began because I wanted something more. I have worked in financial services for nearly 20 years. During that time I have been on many emotional life journeys of my own, I have moved to many different locations, left an unhealthy relationship, began a new one (who is now my husband), weight loss, weight gain, losing a parent and became a parent myself. Life is a journey and you never know what will be round the corner.

I felt that I had reached the point in my life where my journey mattered. I didn’t want to continue just existing anymore. I wanted to take in life, I wanted to know that it is a sunny day and take notice of this. I did not want to continue life with my eyes blinkered all the time. I wanted to take notice of everything and everyone that mattered to me. This is when I realised that I wanted to help. I want to help people look at life in a different way. I want to help people that want more from their lives, I want to help people overcome their challenges get past their vices and live the life that you want to and continue on your life journey equipped with the tools to help you overcome situations at they arise.

As your dedicated Hypnotherapist my promise to you is:

I will always be fully committed to you.
I will build a trusting relationship with you.
I will always listen to you and never judge you.
I will be understanding.
I will be a positive approachable therapist.
I will use my skills and my qualifications to support you in the best way that I can.
My door will always be open for you.

Accreditations and Qualifications